Whether monitoring environmental water, processing drinking water or managing wastewater treatment, accurate and reliable depth and level data that you can trust, time after time, is essential.

BHGE offers depth and level sensors that meet your needs. We've put 40 years of experience into designing durable, submersible depth and level pressure sensors ideally suited for a range of important water management and monitoring.


Natural water monitoring

The natural water environment is both hostile and remote. Reliability is critical to quality data collection, particularly when power is in short supply and service is expensive.
Download our eBook to see how depth and level pressure sensors from BHGE are designed and built to perform in the most hostile of environments.

Drinking water

High quality drinking water is a valuable resource. Managing this essential resource requires precision data and information across the entire drinking water network.
Our "Accuracy Under Pressure" eBook outlines depth and level pressure sensors from BHGE that are designed and built for reliability at every stage of the cycle.

Waste water management

In waste water management you must have confidence in the durability of your instruments to ensure reliable data. When faced with a harsh and challenging environment, robust design and manufacturing of those instruments and sensors is key for reliable data collection.
To see how depth and level pressure sensors from BHGE are designed and built for stability, no matter what the conditions, download the "Accuracy Under Pressure" eBook.

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