Alter your perception of what a 16.5 MW gas turbine should be

The new 16.5 MW gas turbine for mechanical drive and power generation draws on industry-proven GE designs and over a million operating hours of experience. It delivers high efficiency with reduced emissions and outstanding availability and durability through a modular maintenance philosophy.

NovaLT16: Setting a new standard for 16 MW class turbines in compressor drive and power generation

Topline figures:

  • 16.5 MW shaft power
  • 37% efficiency, mechanical drive
  • 36% efficiency, electrical (simple cycle)
  • 80% efficiency, CHP
  • 99% availability
  • 35,000 hours MTBM – 4 years of continuous operation with no need for maintenance stops
  • Currently guaranteeing 25 ppm of NOx emissions

Pipeline compression

The NovaLT16 power and output speed rating (7,800 rpm) make it ideal for modern pipeline stations used for gas transport worldwide.

Power generation

The NovaLT16 is applicable across a wide range of oil and gas plants (exploration and production, gas and oil treatment, etc.), as well as other industrial and commercial uses. It is particularly well suited to applications where thermal power is recovered from the turbine exhaust. The NovaLT16’s exhaust gas temperature is typically 490ºC, thus achieving 80% efficiency in combined heat and power (CHP) applications.

General mechanical drive

Our engineering teams have also taken into consideration the requirements for various other applications across the oil and gas industry, including gas lift, gas re-injection and gas gathering.

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