You’ll learn about the benefits of our proven OT solutions including Cyber Asset Protection (CAP), how you can protect against recent malware attacks using technical controls, and how to understand the first steps to improving your cyber security posture in the midst of an evolving cyber security landscape in the industrial control space.

NOVEMBER 30, 12 a.m. EST
NOVEMBER 30, 10 a.m. EST
The webinar will be presented by BHGE cyber experts:

Butch Pinkham

Mohammed Al Afoo

Ed Turkaly

Cyber Security for Digital Industrial Webinar:

Protect Against Malicious Attacks

This webinar aims to examine BHGE’s proven experience in both cyber products and services with a deep dive into discussions around:

  • Effective patch management and real-world results
  • Technical controls that make a big difference in your security posture
  • How to grow your cyber security program
  • The future of cyber security within a digital industrial world